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      Our FAND research goal is to develop 'Self-powered Flexible Electronic Systems' using high performance nano-materials and soft electronic technologies. This flexible technology could provide interesting opportunities for printable electronics such as flexible displays, artificial skins, biosensors, roll-up communication, and biomedical applications for human body integration. First, our laboratory is involved in the development of flexible energy systems such as self-powered nanogenerator and batteries for not only operating the mobile electronics/sensor electronics but also convirting the tiny movements of human into electricity. Second, our studies  are also interested in developing new flexible nanomaterials using laser material interaction such as excimer, CW, solid state laser, and Flash lamp in the application fields of 3D nano-transistor, localized high temperature process (over 1000 Celcius) that are compatible with flexible substrates.

      Third, another research aim is to develop flexible LSI (large scale integration of nanotransistors) and high density memory on plastic substarates using advanced self-assembling nanotechnolgy. Fourth, our group is interested in neuromorphic computing using memristor for artificial intelligent. Finally, we want to integrate flexible inorganic optoelectronics (e.g. f-GaN or GaAs) into invivo optogenetic applications for detecting or even treating the human diseases.

   - Flexible Self-powered Energy Source & Flexible Piezoelectric Sensor

   - Flexible Large Scale Integration (f-LSI) and Memory (RRAM, PRAM)

   - Neuromorphic Computing using Memristor

   - Flexible Inorganic LED for Biomedical Optoelectronics

   - Laser Material Interaction for Flexible Applications & Nanomaterials





  FAND's Notice

  Prof. Lee's Invited Talk

이건재 교수 '현대사회의 과학과 예술' 신문사 칼럼 기재 (May 12)






                             Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST

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   'Laser-induced Phase Separation of SiC' is published in Nature Communications (Nov 2016)

   'Flash-Induced Self-Limited Plasmonic Welding of Silver Nanowire' is published in Adv. Mater. as Cover article. (Dec 2016)

 Laser-induced Phase Separation (Nov 2016, Nature Comm)

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   Laser Material Interaction with Ag NW (Dec 2016)




   'Flexible NAND Flash Memery' is published in Adv. Mater. as Cover article. (Aug 2016)

   'Skin-Like Oxide Thin-Film Transistors for Transparent Displays' is published in Adv. Fucn. Mater. as Cover article. (Jul 2016)

   'ACF Packaged Flexible NAND Flash Memory' is published and presented in 2015 IEDM.

   'Invivo Flexible LSI' is published in ACS Nano (May 2013)

   'Flexible Crossbar Resistive Memory using ILLO' is published in Adv. Mater. as Cover article. (Nov 2014)

   'Fully Functional Flexible Memory' is published in Nano Letters. (Dec 2011)

 Roll-based Flexible NAND Flash Memory (Aug. 2016) 


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   Roll-based Flexible NAND (Aug. 2016)   Flexible Transparent Oxide TFT(Jul, 2016)   Fleixlbe Crossbar Memristors           

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 Flexible NAND Flash Memory (IEDM, Dec 2015)


Flexible Large Scale Integration (ACS Nano 2013)


  KBS 9 시 뉴스                                              


  Flexible Large Scale Integrated Circuits (LSI)


NAND news_1.jpg

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   ACS C&EN 특집기사 (미국 화학학회)

   특집방송: Arirand TV (Introduce FAND's Technology)

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  Nano Letters (Dec, 2011)   

       Physics World (Dec 2011)   



    Invited Review 'Strechable Piezoelectric Nanocomposite Generator' is published in Nano Convergence. (Jun 2016)

    Invited Review 'Performance Enhancement of Electronic and Energy Devices via BCP' is published in Adv. Mater. (Jun 2015)

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    Invited Review 'Invivo Flexible Inorganic LEDs for Biomedical Application' is published in Nanobiosensors. (Dec 2012)

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    'Piezoelectric Thin Film nanogenerator' is published in Nano Letters. (Dec 2010)

 Self-powered Wireless Sensor (AEM, Jun 2016)   Self-powered Deep Brain Stimulation (EES, Sep 2015)   


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 Flexible Thin Film Nanogenerator Movie (Apr

   Nano Letters, BTO Thin Film NG (Dec, 2010)


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    국민일보 특집기사 (Dec, 2010)



   'Optogenetic Brain Mapping of Freely Moving Mice via iWEBS' is published in ACS Nano (Feb 2016)

   'Self-powered Flexible GaAs LED' is published in Energy Environ. Sci. as Cover Article. (Sept 2014)

   'Flexible GaN LED for Biomedical Applications' is published in Nano Energy (2011)

   Flexible Optogenetic Devices, Feb 2016                                    Self-powered Flexible GaAs LED, EES, Sept 2014  


  Flexible GaN LED, Nano Energy, 2011



  Flexible LED Movie        


Physorg 기사 (w/ Prof. John Rogers's comment)

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   'Laser-induced Doped Graphene' is published in ACS Nano (Jul 2014)

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    'Biomimetic Artificial Acoustic Nanosensor' is published in Adv. Fucn. Mater. as Cover Article. (Nov 2014)


 Biomimetic Acoustic Sensor using Flexibe Inorganic Piezoelectric Thin Film
 Adv. Func. Mater.(
Nov, 2014)

  뉴스: 파이낸셜(Arp 2016),   뉴시스, 동아사이언스 (2014)


   'Self-Structured Conductive Filament Nanoheater for PRAM' is published in ACS Nano (Jun 2015)

   'Flexible PRAM' is published in ACS Nano (Apr 2015)

   'Self-assembled BCP RRAM' is published in ACS Nano (Sept 2014)

   'Self-assembled BCP PRAM' is published in ACS Nano (Mar 2013)

 Self-filament Heater for PRAM, ACS Nano (Jun 2015)   


 Flexible PRAM, ACS Nano (Mar 2015)


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 BCP PRAM, ACS Nano (Mar 2013)      


    BCP RRAM, ACS Nano (Sept 2014)                  


    ACS 특집기사 (미국 화학학회, BCP PRAM)


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 Hyper-Stretchable Energy Harvester, Adv. Mater.  


 Hyper-Stretchable NG Movie  (Apr 2015)

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 Physorg 기사 (Prof. Zhong Lin Wang's comment)

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     Nanocomposite Generator Movie




   'Triboelectric Nanogenerator' is published in Nano Letters (Nov 2014)

 Triboelectric Nanogenerator, Nano Letters (Nov 2014)   

 2014년 해외보도: IEEE Spectrum

        IEEE Spectrum (Nov 2014) 


  'Flexible Solid State Battery' is published in Nano Letters (Aug 2012)   

   Flexible Battery for Fully Flexible Display System


  Nature지 뉴스 (The Most Viewed Papers in Science)

   Flexible Battery Movie


   SBS 방송 (22 Aug 2012)


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