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FAND's Collaborations

   We collaborate with many world leading researchers in flexible electronics.

     Flexible Optoelectronics

       - Prof. Daesoo Kim (KAIST, Brain Scientist)

        -  Prof. Andy Yun (Harvard Medical School)  

       - Prof. Sang Ho Oh (Yonsei Severance, MD)


     Flexible Energy and Sensor

       - Prof. Zhong Lin Wang (Georgia Tech, MSE)

        - Prof. Bo Young Jung (Yonsei Severance, MD)

   -  Prof. Jae Ha Kim (SNU, Dept. of EE)

   - Prof. Yoon Myung Lee (SKKU, Dept. of EE)

   -  Prof. Seung Hwan Ko (SNU, Mech. Engin)

   - Prof. Yoon Sung Nam  (KAIST, MSE)

   - Prof. Seung Ha Oh (SNU Hospital, MD)


 Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning

  - Prof. Chang dong Yoo (KAIST EE)


     Laser Material Interaction

        - Prof. Rodney Ruoff (IBS Directior)

        - Prof. Sung Yool Choi (KAIST, Dept of EE)

        - Prof. James Im (Columbia Univ, MSE)

          - Prof. Sang Wook Kim (KAIST, MSE)

        - Prof. Kisuk Kang (SNU, MSE)

       - Prof. Byung Jin Cho (KAIST, Dept of EE)

        -  Prof. Hu Young Jeong (UNIST)  

       Flexible Memory & Electronics

        - Prof. Yeon Sik Jung (KAIST, MSE)

        - Prof. John Rogers (UIUC, MSE)