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2010 -2011










Nano Letters, 10, 4939, 2010

Nano Letters, 11, 5438, 2011

Adv. Mater. 24, 2999

Nano Letters 12, 4810

Nano Energy 1, 145

*Nanobiosensor 1, 5

Nano Letters 12, 2217

ACS Nano 7, 2651

ACS Nano 7, 4545

ACS Nano 7, 11016

Adv Energy Mater 3, 1539

ACS Nano 7, 8899

155.2/11 =14.1

IF Sum





Aver. IF






Publications (2004-2009)               (after 2010)

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K. Lee*, "Flexible Large Scale Integration with ACF Packaging", Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings (Big Island, Hawaii), in press 


K. Lee*, "Self-powered Flexible Large Scale Integration", Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings (Kauai, Hawaii), 1, 4257 (2015))


K.-I. Park, G. Hwang, K. Lee*, "New Forms of Nanogenerator using Piezoelectric BaTiO3 Nanoparticles", IMID 2012 Digest, 52-3, 387 (2012).


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