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Research Fields

Flexible optoelectronics
Self-powered energy
Flexible drug delivery
Laser-material interaction
Flexible LSI & Memristor
Flexible Piezo Sensor


      Flexible Inorganic Piezolectric Acoustic Sensor

   Voice recognition (VR) leads the era of future internet of things (IoT), which has the most straight forward user interface. One of its advantages is that it can process real-time information even when a userí»s are incapable. However, current VR technology has several limitations such as high power consumption and the unnatural recognition of conversations because the conventional VR technology is based on complicated algorithm. In contrast, a human cochlear organ used, simply splits frequency spectrum and effectively processes the acoustic signals of sophisticated human language.

   We have successfully separated voice frequency using our flexible inorganic piezoelectric materials by mimicking a human cochlear, that can be used for future low power VR technology of mobile and consumer electronics.

  • Related References

"Flexible Inorganic Piezoelectric Acoustic Nanosensor for Biomimetic Artificial Hair Cell" Adv. Func. Mater., 24, 6914, 2014, PDF [IF=11.4]

     Flexible Inorganic Piezolectric Pressure Sensor


    Flexible pressure sensor is becoming essential in future applications, such as humanoid robotics, motion detection and real-time health monitoring devices. Many researchers have developed capacitive, piezoresistive pressure sensors, however, these sensors have drawbacks of high power consumption, low sensitivity, static stimuli and low frequency detection.  Compared to piezoresistive pressure sensors, our flexible piezoelectric sensor has advantages over other types of pressure sensors, such as high sensitivity and fast response of dynamic load, high frequency detection, simple readout circuit and low power consumption for wearable applications. Our group has developed flexible piezoelectric pressure sensor on ultra-thin plastic substrate and successfully detected periodic radial artery pulses on wrist, which can be used in mobile health monitoring and remote diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Related References

D. Park, J. Joe, H. Shin, B. Joung *, K. Lee* "Invivo Flexible Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor",  Adv. Mater., in press   [IF=19.8]