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Research Fields

Flexible optoelectronics
Self-powered energy
Flexible drug delivery
Laser-material interaction
Flexible LSI & Memristor
Flexible Piezo Sensor


  Self-powered Piezoelectric Thin Film Nanogenerator

   The piezoelectric effect refers to voltage generation by pressure or bending strength is applied to piezo nano-materials. The ceramic materials that have a perovskite structure have a high piezoelectric efficiency. However, it has been very difficult to use these materials to fabricate flexible energy harvesting devices due to a brittle property of ceramics. Our group has succeeded in developing a
highly efficient flexible piezoelectric energy harvester using freely bendable piezoelectric ceramic thin films that can convert the tiny movements of human body (such as heart beats and blood flow) into electricity.  

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    Self-powered Triboelectric Nanogenerator

    Triboelectrification is contact electrification in which certain materials become electrically charged after they come into frictional contact with a different material. Triboelectric nanogenerators convert mechanical energy into electricity by a conjunction of triboelectrification and electrostatic induction. Triboelectric energy harvesting is possible not only for self-powered portable electronics but also as a new energy technology with potential to contribute to the earth energy issue in the future. We are currently developping innovative energy harvesting product that can offer unprecedent self-powered energy source for daily human life.

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    Flexible Thin Film Battery

  High-performance flexible power sources have gained attention as they enable the realization of next-generation bendable, implantable, and wearable electronic systems. Our group has fabricated an all-solid-state bendable LIB structured with high-density inorganic thin films using a new transfer approach, which enables the realization of diverse flexible LIBs regardless of electrode chemistry. This technology can form high-temperature annealed electrodes on polymer substrates for high-performance LIBs.

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