Semiconductor MemoryFlexible ACF packaging

Flexible inorganic electronics including LSI and optoelectronics have attracted great attention owing to their merits such as low weight, high portability, low fragility, and high performance. In contrast to the outstanding achievement of active device level researches, however, there still remains a critical issue to develop packaging technology for commercializing flexible devices including electrical interconnections, mechanical protection, and power distribution during bending conditions. We have developed innovative flexible packaging technology using flip-chip (FC) bonding with anisotropic conductive film (ACF) as an elastic and resilient packaging materials. In 2014, our group demonstrated flexible optoelectronics of GaAs light-emitting diode (LED) interconnected by ACF technology to a plastic substrate.  Additionally, we introduced fully-packaged Si-based flexible NAND flash memory, presented in International Electron Device Meetings (IEDM, 2015), which showed stable flexible interconnection in various stress conditions and reliable bending operations.

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